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“Holding Transcomponent” implements large long-term projects, develops plans for strategic development of enterprises intended to increase production efficiency, capitalisation and return on assets, and is engaged in manufacturing key components for transport engineering. The Holding consists of the following companies:

“Vagonkomplekt” CJSC

They specialize in mechanical working of various parts, and produce parts and components for passenger cars and other railway vehicles. The range of finished products is over 29.000 parts assorted. The Company is also engaged in manufacturing products to order from steel of various grades and drawings as Customers wish.

“Proizvodstvo tovarov narodnogo potrebleniya” LLC

They specialize in design and production of interior parts and furniture for a wide model range of passenger cars, including: sleeping berths, bar stools, transformable couches for disabled people and staff chairs, VIP couches for 4492 wagons, blackout shades. The Company is also engaged in manufacturing eco-friendly domestic and office furniture on individual design.

“Kuznechno-pressovoe proizvodstvo” LLC

They have the great experience in production of cylindrical springs of various dimensions, springs from various steels in accordance with GOSTs. The production program includes about 280 steel compression and tension springs. Another profile of the Company is forging and die forging of parts from high-alloy and low-alloy steels. The Company produces more than 2000 parts of all kinds.

“Liteynoe proizvodstvo” LLC

The main supplier of brake fittings for passenger and freight rolling stock. The production enables castings from gray and high-strength iron with mass from 0.1 kg to 3 tons, including castings of brake equipment having a developed internal surface and thin walls that meet the requirements of tightness.

“Promtekhmontazh” LLC

They produce full assembly of electrical equipment for passenger cars, electrical equipment for metro cars, including: air ducts, eco-friendly toilets, furniture frames. Design and production of composite materials for interiors and exteriors of metro and railway rolling stock.

“Transportny kondicioner” LLC

The main activity of the Company is the production of heat-exchange devices, industrial cooling and air conditioning equipment, and gas filtering and conditioning equipment. In addition, the Company is engaged in installation, repair and maintenance of industrial cooling and ventilating equipment, wholesale trade, production of vending machines and other mobile vehicles for peddling and retail delivery trade.

“Kontur K” LLC

Leading manufacturer of climate control systems for metro cars. They cooperate with both the Russia’s largest plant for the production of metro cars “Metrowagonmash” JSC, and with other plants of a similar profile. The Company also produces air ducts, which are effectively used in up-to-date models of cars.

“Elprom PTM” LLC

They specialize in the development of software for metro management systems and electrical equipment for rolling stock. They supply control systems for air conditioners of cars, software package for automated collection, processing and storage of information on operation of wagon equipment with the function of transferring information to service centers, and implement projects for supply of compressor units for Moscow metro cars.

 “PTM-Plast” LLC

They produce partitions, cabinets for driver’s cabs and ceilings of all types: suspended, radial, decorative.

“Tverskoy elektromekhanicheskiy zavod” LLC

The Company is engaged in manufacturing of heat exchange devices for industrial cooling equipment and air conditioning systems. The Company also produces equipment for gas filtering and conditioning equipment.

“Laboratory of new technologies and production” CJSC “LANTEP”

The Company is engaged in research and development of climate control systems for rolling stock.

 “Center for technical service of cars” LLC and “Center for technical service of Kavkaz cars” LLC

They carry out after-sales repair and maintenance of electrical equipment of cars (ventilation and air conditioning, eco-friendly toilets, doors), and overall repair of electrical equipment and air conditioning systems. In addition, in-house maintenance and after-sales repair of the universal driver’s control panel, sliding plug doors and video surveillance systems.

“TechnoMarket” LLC

They ensure production of a wide range of products of heat exchange and heating devices.

“Company of innovative technologies” LLC

They specialize in production of modern high-tech equipment for metro cars and other types of rail transport. The product range includes door systems for rail rolling stock. The Company actively deals in works on localization of brake system production in Russia.

“Innovative transport technologies” LLC

They produce a wide range of products, including: asynchronous traction motors TME 43-23-4 for metro cars, brake resistors with fan, linear contactors LTE 2-600, high-speed switches of new generation IR 2015SV, automatic switch units with high-speed switch IR 2015SV.

“Research and manufacturing association “VOYAGE” LLC

The Company is engaged in design and manufacture of parts for interior of vehicles. The Company has Design and technological bureau, Department for material and technical supply and logistics and its own production facilities, which include workshops for production of metal and fiberglass products and an electromechanical workshop. All components of interior are made in consistent structural and design style. Using developments of the design bureau team, they produce in lot GRP and metal parts and products of large stock-list, LED light lines.

“Electrovypryamitel-SPK” LLC

They carry out a full cycle of works on production of converter electrical equipment, and assembling of other electrical equipment. The Company also has the competence in development and implementation of high-tech projects in order to improve energy efficiency and automate processes using converter equipment.

“PC Transportation Systems” LLC

The Company is engaged in production of urban electric transport. Now the Company has in possession a number of developments in the segment “low-floor trams on a trolley”: a one-section four-axle tram CityStar bying one of a kind (model 71-911) and a three-section six-axle tram “Vityaz” (model 71-931). The products are designed and manufactured in Russia. At the heart of the trams is a unique patented flexible swivel trolley, all the basic technical equipment is placed inside the perimeter, thus ensuring a 100% low floor level and leaving the widest possible passage in the over-the-car zone, with a truck clearance of 130 mm.

“Es-service” JSC

Author and developer of projects for escalators installed in Russian metros: TK65, ЭС-02, ЭС-03, ЭС-04. They also have a number of unique patented design of escalators, decking of steps, aprons, shields of balustrades, entrance areas, etc. The Company performs a full cycle of works from delivery of escalators to installation and commissioning to Escalator services of metros and Rostekhnadzor.

“Locomotives and transport components” CJSC

The main activity of the Company is the production of locomotives and railway rolling stock for the European market in small series. Among the released products: shunting diesel locomotives ТЭМ ТМХ, four-axle shunting diesel locomotives ТЭМ ЛТХ, hybrid locomotives ТЭМ 35, roadway machines (repair and maintenance), track motorcars KDT -001, etc.

“Center of technical equipment” LLC

The Company specializes in production of intercar gangways, designed for safe and convenient change by passengers and staff from car to car. Gangways made by the Company have high-quality noise and heat insulation without installation of inter-vestibule doors.

“TransInformService” LLC

The Company specializes in “smart analytics” and implements a part of its own developments, supplied as SaaS-solutions that give the Customer the results of such analytics in the finished form (BigData-as-a-Service). Within the scope of the Company are also installation and maintenance of structured cabling systems and video surveillance systems, and supply of computer equipment from various vendors.

“Trading house KhTK” LLC

A direct distributor of leading Russian manufacturers and several exclusive representatives of big brands. The suppliers are various domestic and foreign manufacturers of equipment of various systems. The Company carries out shipment of goods from warehouses in Moscow and provides a full range of services for delivery of purchased equipment to anywhere in the country practically by any means of transport.


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